About The Artist

Step into the vibrant world of Brandi Adjmi, a talented painter whose heart resides in New Orleans but calls Atlanta home. Encircled by her family, Brandi's inner circle consists of her husband Dan, her enthusiastic baseball-admiring son DJ, her remarkably perceptive 7-year-old daughter Alex, and a delightful canine quintet: Bonz, Pretty Girl, Bear, Foxy, and Roxy. Within this embrace, she discovers abundant love and wellsprings of inspiration. Although painting has always been a part of her life, it's only been six years since she fully embraced her artistic journey. Through the dance of time and available space, she works her magic with acrylic and pen/ink, creating captivating artworks that draw from the essence of her dogs, cherished family, and the enchanting allure of pop culture. Welcome to her world of colors and emotions, where love and creativity intertwine, inviting you to experience the beauty she paints with each stroke.